One worry less.

You are an auditor or tax consultant, the CEO, CFO or a member of the Finance Committee of the Supervisory Board, and you are responsible for the publication of an English text with a financial content.

This could be annual or consolidated financial statements, an audit, due diligence or compliance report, a company valuation or other documents that need to be translated into English.

But you are worried that the result might damage your firm’s image, either because the English is second-rate, or because it is clear that the translator has not understood the subject matter.

On the other hand, it could involve the publication of a website or other marketing materials created in English by your own people.

Or you might simply wish to author an article in English on your specialisation.

In each of these cases I can take the worry about the quality of the English off your mind, leaving you with one worry less.

You have a German text that was created in-house?
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You have an English text that was created in-house?
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You would like to author a text in English?
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